Friday, February 6, 2009


Ok, so the Steelers won their 6th Super Bowl. Life is good in the 'burgh. While I am a big fan of the team and the town, it is doubtful that I will ever willingly refer to our city as "Sixburgh." I mean...really? Must we? 

I continue to go to the gym and enjoy kickboxing and martial arts. This week featured exquisite pain in the form of bruises on my chest, arse and arms, as well as the practice of techniques that required a level of physical intimacy with my two young, male classmates that was previously reserved for my husband. Fun times! LOL

Went to the doctor this week to follow up on my too-high cholesterol results from six months ago. The doctor was appropriately enthusiastic about my recent weight loss. I'm anxious to see how the exercise and weight loss of late has affected the cholesterol numbers. They damn well better be going in the right direction is all I can say!

And in the she-looks-so-grown-up category, the girlie's first pair of glasses came in. We picked them up today. She likes them and is very excited about how well she can once again see!


Lastly, the knitting continues (though I have no new pictures to back up that assertion, sorry). I'm up to the toe on my first Blackberry Jam sock (lots of waiting room knitting this week on my designated portable project). Am about one-third done with the Rivolo scarf in my handspun. I'm on the second ball now, which is decidedly more green than the idea how this is going to look when it's done, but I'm enjoying knitting it. Very fun and easy to memorize pattern. And I'm about two-thirds finished with the afghan block I'm working on for my swap. It's taking much longer than anticipated, but hopefully I'll get it done this weekend. 

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