Friday, February 13, 2009

Checking in from the dark abyss...

Thanks to the crazy windstorms we had two nights ago, our power has been out since 1 a.m. Thursday. We live in an all-electric house. That means no hot water, no heat (other than what our wood stove can produce), no light (other than what candles and lanterns can provide -- and man, let me tell you...those pioneers? They had to have horrible eyesight after a lifetime of doing anything by lantern light!), and most notably -- no computer!!!

I've been updating my Facebook status via text message (my little lifeline to the world), but otherwise I've been disconnected until now when I brought the kids to Panera so a) we could eat something (since all food in our house seems to need to be cooked in some way, and I haven't broken down and pulled out the Coleman stove yet) and b) I could download e-mail/look up addresses for two things I needed to mail today/get a brief Internet fix. 

You know, it's amazing how much we rely on electricity but don't realize it until we don't have it. And the computer! I can't believe how often in a day I just automatically get online and do things without even thinking of it, and then when I can't, I'm left at a loss for how to satisfy my brain. LOL last check, the electric company acknowledged "many outages" in our area, saying they are in an "emergency situation" and that they hope to have power fully restored to our area by "6 p.m....Feburary 15th." 

Sunday. Goodie! Two more days of having to run to the in-laws' to shower. Guess I should be thankful to have that option!

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Anonymous said...

YIKES!! Sounds challenging....hope the power is back on soon and you can have a hot shower, heat a cup of tea and knit with real lights!!