Friday, September 12, 2008


Today is a perfect rainy day. At least it is here in southwestern PA. If you live in gulf coastal Texas or Louisiana, it is anything but perfect and you are in my thoughts and prayers today. I hope you are safe.

But for me, today is a perfect rainy day. I woke up uncharacteristically early today -- before 6:30 -- and it took me a moment to realize the incredible sound of water was not my husband in the shower but the rain coming down, heavy, outside my open bedroom window. It has continued to rain heavily, or at least steadily, most of today, with breaks now and again, only to start up again. 

I will not complain. It is fall. It is allowed to rain. I cannot remember the last day of soaking rain we've had. It's been quite a while, and certainly the second half of summer was very, very dry. Unseasonably cool at times, and very dry. We closed August a good inch below the average rain fall, and nearly halfway through September, we are almost three inches below. Today (and tomorrow, by the looks of the forecast) should help bolster that measurement! 

So, what to do on a perfect, rainy Friday? Schoolwork, of course. Today marks the end of our second week of school, and they've both been excellent weeks. 

I've been knitting, of course. I'm determined to finish my February Lady Sweater for my trip next week. I need to get cracking on it if I'm going to have it done by next Thursday. And because I cannot resist challenges, I'm also working on my first ever lace-weight shawl pattern, North Roe, which is written in French.* I haven't been spending a lot of time on it, as I am trying to concentrate on FLS, but I can't help myself...I pick it up and work a couple rows of the chart now and again throughout the day. 

And there has been reading, of reading. Rainy days always seem like a good time to catch up on blogs I like but don't read on a daily basis.

And finally, there have been tomatoes. Being the busy week it has been, I've not had time to can the latest bounty of tomatoes that were quickly starting over-ripen in my kitchen. But a rainy day is a great day to can. So I sent the kids down the garden to pick whatever other tomatoes were ready, and we got to work. Many hands indeed make light work, and the three of us ran all of them through the Squeezo in record time. I'm making tomato sauce this time, so there is a lot of cooking time involved to thicken it. Good thing there weren't more tomatoes because I ruined my extra large kettle last year in an unfortunate apple cooking incident, so I'm making due with the smaller kettle and my regular large pot, both of which were just about at capacity after I dumped in the last bowl of tomato goo. It's cooking down now, and it smells wonderful.

What I'm not doing today? Leaving my house, clearly. I opted to miss knit group today because I didn't want to skip out on the kids during school hours. (This is going to be a problem...I may be scarce at knit group for the foreseeable future.) I was going to go to my friend Peggy's house and help her turn the heel of her sock, but between the rain and the news report today of a van that's been driving around the area following school kids off their school buses recently, I didn't want to leave the kids at home alone, period! 

And I don't seem to be posting pictures...I have pictures I want to post, but they're on the downstairs computer and I'm upstairs and can't get to them. So stay tuned for pictures. Really!

Hope you're having a perfect Friday too...rainy or otherwise!

*It is "translated" into English throughout, but between my own limited knowledge of the French language and my own deductive translation of the pattern, I've found two omissions in the provided translation. Hopefully that's it. Could be interesting.

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