Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Coming home...pulling in...

We got home last evening from our New England interlude. It was lovely. Beautiful weather. I slept in a charming alcove with a window at my head that washed me in moonlight at night and sunlight at dawn, prompting me to rise and walk the beach as the sun came up, red and warm, over the horizon. 

And I have pictures of course, which are (of course) still on my camera. 

Now that I'm home, though, I'm tired. Tired. (So much for a relaxing getaway, eh?) Not just body tired, but over all tired. Socially, I'm tapped. My *I* (MBTI type = INFJ) needs revival. In short, I am feeling a major need to pull in...to my home, my family, myself. More time focused inward, less energy going outward. 

I was feeling it before I went away, but vacationing with a friend and spending time with others -- no matter how enjoyable -- is not conducive to internal rejuvenation for an *I*. Now that I'm home, though, I can give in to it. Take the time I need to recharge my batteries. Autumn is a good time to pull inward anyway, so I think that's what I'm going to do. 

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