Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm off...

...well, that's not news. I'm always just a little off. But today I'm off for my long weekend of friends, knitting, picture-taking* and whatever else I can manage to accomplish in a five-day period of R&R.

(Apropos of nothing, there is a little pottery shop in Fernandina Beach, FL near my mom that is called, "Slightly Off Center." The clever play on words tickles me, as it is two-fold: my limited pottery knowledge would suggest to me that when you throw a pot on a wheel, your lump of clay is supposed to be smack-dab in the center of the wheel, or else it goes all wonky as the wheel spins and centripetal force starts to have it's way. Secondly, though, the shop is located slightly off Center, as in down one street from Center Street. Ha! Totally cracks me up!) 

Ahem. Back to theme. 

It is now 10:46 a.m. We are planning to leave at noon. I am still sitting here in my nightgown, unshowered. I still have to finish packing. In short, I need to turn the computer off to allay any future net-related distractions. So, see you on the other side! Or in the middle of the other side. Or somewhere. Sometime. Just not now.

*Yes...the fact that I plan to take beaucoup photos on this trip would lead you to hope that I will actually post some pictures to this blog that has, as of late, become quite devoid of pictures. I am so sorry for the pictureless dryness of my prose-only ramblings. The thing is? The MacBook? For whatever reason...when I try to insert pictures into the blog when I'm on this laptop, it is most uncooperative. I end up with pictures stuck at the bottom of the Blogger posting page, but they will NOT copy and paste into the actual blog-writing window without much wailing and gnashing of teeth (my wailing and gnashing...the computer does not wail and gnash too much). The point of getting the laptop was to be able to function  more upstairs instead of always being downstairs on the desktop. Thus, I'm not on that computer much, except to download pictures from my camera and do post-production on them, since that is where my CS2 resides. But then the pictures are down there, and the laptop is up here, and even if I upload them to Flickr so I can access them, I still have the issue of Blogger on the Mac not wanting to work with my pictures they way I want! So, so frustrating! 

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