Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Go away...

Seriously...all bugs, bacteria, virii, illnesses and what-have-you...hear this:




While my cold of last week has mostly abated, I'm still coughing up a lung from time to time. This never bodes well.

And in the mean time, the girl child has been sick since Friday night. I thought it was just the all-day Projekt Revolution event that did her in (it was hot out there Friday, lemme tell ya), but she still hasn't bounced back. With her Crohn's, it is always so hard to tell if these things are because of a routine virus or something more serious. Waiting for the doctor to call back now.

There is never a good time for being sick, but right now? Busy. Busybusybusy. Running the boy child to his classes three days a week is really messing with me. And the grandboy is supposed to be coming to stay with us for a few days later this week, which we're all looking forward to but will be way more fun for everyone if illness isn't involved, you know? And there are appointments to get to, and a family picnic to go to this weekend. Oh, and we're supposed to have our family portrait taken on Friday for the new church directory...about the last thing I feel like doing right now. :P 

Anyway..here's hoping your week is going a little better than ours, and here's hoping ours turns around real soon. 

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