Thursday, July 17, 2008

Full moon...! According to my moon phase widget to the right, it is technically full right now, though other sources say it will not be full here, on the east coast of the US, until 2:59 a.m. tomorrow. Either way, close enough. The view of it tonight will be full for me.

I love the full moon. I love the moon in any stage really, but full ;)

Last night, around 8:30 or so, I got the urge to take a walk and look for the moon, as I knew it had to be coming up over the horizon somewhere. There are so many tall trees surrounding us that it is hard to see things close to the horizon, so I have to look for them. Thus, despite the mugginess of the evening and the summer cold I've been nursing all week, I took a walk down the road, toward the east, and as I started down the hill toward a clearing in the trees, there it was...big and reddish and just over the horizon...the almost-full moon. My heart did a little skip of joy. Really.

I love following the moon phases and am sad if the weather does not cooperate for good moon viewing. (June was a terribly sucky moon month for much rain and so many cloudy, overcast nights. I missed the full moon altogether.) As the moon begins to wane and becomes harder to spot, coming up later every night, I start to feel a little sad. But then it circles back around, past the new moon to that tiny waxing crescent (I used to call it a "toenail" when I was a kid, LOL) in the sky...the first time I spot it, it makes me so incredibly happy, like seeing a good friend who has been absent for a while.

Me and the moon...I'm completely smitten. :)

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