Friday, March 21, 2008

Five Minute Friday: Why I am Looking Forward to Spring

Despite the fact that the calendar says that yesterday was officially the first day of spring, it hasn't exactly been springy here this week. But there are hints...a little green popping up in my front flower beds from the remnants of the bulbs that I basically massacred a few years ago (they are tenacious little buggers)...the morning sunlight casting shadows just differently enough to know that the seasons are changing...and robins -- of course! On March 1, I saw my first entire flock of them, actually. If that doesn't speak to the imminence of spring, I don't know what does.

So, today, for the next five minutes, I will list my reasons why I cannot wait for spring to actually get here and stay!

1. Winters here in Pittsburgh are long and gray and cold, even if they've been light on the snow as has been the case this year.

2. Anticipation of seeing the fresh green leaves as they start to cover the watching the hillsides go from barren to full day by day.

3. Being able to leave the coats at home.

4. Longer days.

5. More walks.

6. Knowing we're nearing the end of our school year.

7. Getting the urge to spring clean, and then enjoying the product of those efforts.

8. Hubby and the kids cleaning off the back porch so I can begin to enjoy my happy place on warmer spring mornings.

9. No more dirt-creating woodstove!

10. Lower electric bills from the furnace running less.

11. Visions of gardening...even though they often remain visions for me, I also harbor hope that this will be the year I actually get my little salad/herb garden planted and have it grow successfully. Maybe it will happen this year!

12. Warmer evenings/nights for going outside to star-gaze.

13. This year, taking a late spring trip (hopefully in May) to my mom's in Florida...all by myself. No kids! Just me and the beach and my mom. :) (Trying not to feel guilty about wanting to do this.)

14. Seeing the goldfinches return to my bird feeders.

15. The scent of thawing earth. Mmmmm. :)

16. A general feeling of hope and optimism. Maybe it's the increased sunlight each day, or the warmer temperatures, or the new growth, or the tradition of hope borne of Easter as we celebrate Jesus' resurrection, but spring makes me feel hopeful, like anything is possible. Like I can change the things about myself that I don't like and I can be a new person. Kind of the way animals shed their heavy winter fur and leave it behind to enjoy a shiny new self. :)

What does spring do for you?

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SiriusWriter said...

Don't feel guilty about leaving the kids behind, you need down time too. Spring is my New Year, it's new beginnings for me. I also envision a garden but my brown thumbs always get in the way.