Thursday, March 31, 2011

90% Knitting - Episode 10

  • Pedestrian Crossing Cowl, pattern by Melissa Tuttle Sibley, Malabrigo Rios in Indicetia
  • Bunny Nugget, pattern by Rebecca Danger, my hand-dyed
  • March YOSS Shamrockin' Socks - done only in the sense they are going to be frogged due to excessive stupidity and lack of common sense on my part. Total and utter sock FAIL. :(
  • Still spinning the camel on the wheel while I wait to start the Knit Girllls SAL with the Tempted fiber on Friday.
  • Bought a fabulous new spindle - a Trindle - at Homespun Yarn Party.
  • Dyeing galore to try and restock the shop for this Friday's update. This week, there will be some worsted and fingering self-striping, some light fingering vareigated and some Falkland top, as well as a few more bags. The shop will update this week between 4-6 p.m. eastern, NOT 5-7 as I said in the videocast! Argh!
  • Happy birthday Lala/Laura from The Knit Girllls!
  • This month's Quickie KAL drawing winner is...announced in this segment of the videocast! ;)
  • This week's Quickie KAL pattern will be Preemie Baby Beanies by Karen Everitt. I chose this in support of Melissa/Meliabella's Sweet Caroline KAL on the His & Her's podcast group.
  • Homespun Yarn Party was so much fun last Sunday! Really enjoyed meeting those of you who introduced yourselves to me there! :)
  • Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who came and made opening day of the shop a huge success last Friday! I really appreciate each and every one of you!

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Kristen said...

The first time I tried to watch this weeks episode (a few days after you posted it) my computer was giving me trouble just like your camera was giving you trouble. My computer was letting me watch up to the point where you were about to talk about your spindle and then stop playing, so I had to wait till today to watch it all the way threw. Loved hearing about the new items and I always enjoy seeing the things you worked on.

Oh before I go I just wanted to say I love that photo on the wall behind you, where did you get it?