Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oh yeah...the shawl...

I forgot to mention what shawl I was wearing in yesterday's videocast! It's the Shetland Triangle, pattern by Evelyn Clark, knitting in Wollmeise 100%, the special "Femme Fatale" colorway that we got in our goodie bags last year at Spring Fling. (I knit it up last May, so this picture will seem familiar to some of you.)

And by the way, if anyone is downloading the videocast on iTunes and then trying to watch it on a portable device, can you please let me know if you run into any problems or errors? I'm trying to stay on top of all this technamological stuff. Thanks!


Jersey Shore Deb said...

I just found your videocast and downloaded it to iTunes, but it won't copy to my iPod.
Since you asked! Looking forward to watching on the computer for now.

PattiM said...
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PattiM said...


I,too, can download the vidcast from iTunes, but it will not copy to my iPod. Weird, as other blip TV casts copy just fine. I'll watch on the website, but I hope you can get it to work on iTunes!