Wednesday, February 9, 2011

90% Knitting - Episode 3

Welcome to Episode 3!

90% Knitting is now available through iTunes. Hopefully, I've solved the iPod/iTouch issue with this week's episode, but if someone could let me know for sure, I'd appreciate it! Also, there is a 90% Knitting group on Ravelry now. C'mon over!

And again I failed to mention the knitted object I was wearing. It was my A Little Jazz scarf that was made from the pattern (by Samantha Roshak) and yarn (Fiesta Baby Boom) from the March 2010 Loopy Sock Club shipment.

I think I rolled my eyes less in this videocast, but they're still looking shifty. What's up with that??

  • Calvados, Thea Colman, Cascade 220.
  • February YOSS sock, plain vanilla sock, Fleece Artist Somoko yarn, "Sun" colorway.
  • Swap shawl revealed, even though it is still secret. Check it out on the videocast if you want to know more about it. ;)
  • Finished spinning and plyed the Targhee wool & mohair fiber from last week. Got 285 yards of a worsted weight.
  • Handpainted some Rambouillet-Soy Silk fiber. Check out this blog post for more info on this project.
  • Working on finalizing Twisting & Twining.
  • Calvados Oops Redux...don't just re-read your pattern if you've taken a long break in the middle of a pattern. Go back to your Ravelry project page and see if you've left yourself any helpful notes! Duh.
  • No books this week, but Yarndex is a very helpful resource if you're looking for info on most commercial yarns.


Dido said...

Sorry to tell you but it still will not load to the iPad but please keep trying, there are others having the same problem might be iTunes it self.

kelly said...

love your video pod. Finally another good one to watch besides the knitgirllls(which i love).Keep up the good work and thanx for sharing!

Sue said...

I had no problems watching your video but I stopped watching podcasts on my iPod six months ago. I usually watch them on my laptop or desktop computer now. Nice big screen to see all the beautiful yarns. :)

PattiM said...

I was able to watch the second attempt (3v2--is that right?), so fingers-crossed the problem is resolved.


Anonymous said...

i love how you named the roving! :) very creative:)

Rae Lynne said...

Catching up on all your episodes...I really like your new taping location. The bookshelves provide a nice background and I think being faced opposite the window lets in some terrific light. I could see the details in your projects and colors of the yarn so much better! :)