Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Traveling Woman...with Beads

It's not very often that I knit a pattern more than once unless I'm doing something en masse to give as gifts. I've never re-knit a sweater or shawl pattern, until now. I knit another Traveling Woman shawl. Why? Because I love the pattern, because I had someone in mind who I thought would look lovely in a purple shawl, and because this pattern is both beautiful and easily worked.

The funny thing is...I don't even know this person very well. But I knit without hesitation because the pattern and the yarn just seemed so perfect a match for her. She is beautiful and exotic and is, herself, a traveling woman, having been to many places around the world. And she looks exquisite in purple. Really. Hopefully I can get a picture of her with the shawl at some point after I give it to her.

Since it was a second go-around with this pattern, I felt the need to do something a little different besides making it slightly larger than the first. (I did four repeats of Chart A on this one instead of the three I did on the green one. I had more yarn to work with this time, so it made sense.) I decided this would look even prettier if I accented the edging with beads. Just four beads on each point...made for an elegant touch.

It's so soft and drapey and feels so good around my shoulders, I can't tell you how much I'd like to keep it for myself! But each stitch was knit with its intended recipient in mind, so to her it will go.

Traveling Woman, pattern by Liz Abinate; yarn: Malagrigo Sock, Abril colorway.

That doesn't mean I can't make a third one...for myself...with beads. Possibly in purple. ;)


Anonymous said...

I also rarely knit a pattern more than once...but I am knitting this for the 3rd time...all in 3 different weight yarns...sock, then lace and now DK. After seeing yours with beads I may need to knit a 4th! Very pretty.

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

That is very, very lovely! I love how a few well-placed beads can really enhance a knit. Good job!

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joven said...

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