Monday, May 10, 2010

Tough choices... do you post NO photos or CRAPPY photos? Today, I'm erring toward the latter, since I'm tired of not blogging since I still haven't bought a new monitor to do photo editing to post good photos...

This is the first bit of a Shetland Triangle Lace Shawl using the Femme Fatale Wollmeise we got in our TLE Spring Fling goodie bags. The color is really an intense red/burgundy/burnt orange colorway, which is hardly discernible in this photo from my camera. But let's not focus on the crappy photo, 'kay? Let's focus on the project. Another shawl! This will be my 6th one this year. Now, note if I'd have decided to participate in a shawl-a-month challenge, I'd never do it. So, I'll just keep on doing my shawl thing and not consider it a challenge.

I will say that I managed to totally get about 1/3 of my wound ball of Wollmeise tangled into a huge mess. No idea how. Took a good 20 minutes to get it straightened out. LOL But it's good now. 

This pattern has been in my Rav queue for ages. It's a lace knitting pattern (all purl WS rows, as opposed to knitted lace, which has patterning on both RS and WS rows, as per Anne Hanson's description in her advanced lace class), which makes it move along quite quickly. I don't know if it is truly just an intuitive pattern or if I'm getting better at reading lace as I work it, but it's going really well and seems pretty easy so far. 

I finished up my Autumn Shawl -- the entrelac project I started late last year. The cobweb frill edging looks really cool. I still need to block it and then I'll take pictures (hopefully good pictures) and post them. 

I'm trying really hard to not have more than a couple active projects going at a time. I've never been much of a monogamous knitter, but I'm finding I want very much to actually FINISH projects...and that happens easier when I'm not working on a dozen things at once. So, I've got the shawl going and a second sock (toe up, I'm slowed down at the heel because I have yet to truly grasp the construction of a heel flap when I'm going toe up). And when I finally finish that sock, I'm thinking I'll move on to my Vesper socks, that I plan to do toe up and with an afterthought heel, which I've not done before. 

So, that's what's happening here! In non-knitting news...we are thiiiiiiis close to being done with our school year. Can. Not. Wait. to be done this year. Really ready for summer break! It looks like we're going to be playing musical bedrooms soon, too. I agreed to let the boy child move to the basement bedroom, which is currently my office/craft room. And THAT means I get to move my room up here to the main floor...where I'll have windows! Woo! I have to somehow convince him that he does not want his room painted black, though. It's a basement room. Seriously? It'll be a cave in black. I told him he'll start to look like Gollum. So, we're negotiating. Stay tuned. :}

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pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

I'm guessing that the heel flap/gusset works the same, toe up or cuff down, because it will still make a 90 degree angle in the tube of your knitting. The cushy part will be under your heel instead of at the back of your heel. Better for me; that's where I wear them out! I'm about to turn a heel in a toe up sock this way...but I've used this yarn before, so I know how long the flap will be. Wish me luck!