Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Florida minus one...

There is SNOW on the ground today. SNOW. It is April 7th, people! Granted, it is Pittsburgh and it is not unheard of for there to be snow on Easter in April here in the 'burgh. When the kids were little, it used to make dressing the kids in their cute Easter shorts and sundresses a bit difficult without covering the cuteness with snow gear. We had the same problem with cute Halloween costumes some years, too. October to April, snow is possible. It's nuts.


Did I mention we leave for Florida tomorrow? Thank GOD!

I'm actually feeling rather ahead of the game for this trip. The packing is mostly done. I still need to gather knitting projects, but that's the fun part of packing. I need to do some tidying around the house, and I'm planning to go to the gym tonight since I'll miss for a whole week. (I skipped last night...besides feeling overly tired from a poor night's sleep the night before, it was SNOWING, and I couldn't bring myself to go out in it.) And with any luck, I'll get to bed early so we can be on the road at ungodly o'clock.

Sunshine and warmth...here I come! :)



pdxknitterati said...

Have a great trip, and enjoy the warm sunshine! And remember: if you don't pack enough knitting, you'll have to buy more...

Knitting Mania said...

I remember when I lived in PA for four years...back in the late 70's early 80's. Those winters were rough. But I must of survived, because I'll be living in Montana full time soon...lol!!

Well enjoy your trip to sunny Florida....how fun! I remember heading to Ft. Lauderdale during Spring break one year while living in Pittsburg, seems like that's the place to escape too when your soooo done with the cold and snow.

Having a give away btw, you might be interested in. I knit and felt my own version of a fingerless glove, I call them, "wristlets".