Friday, April 3, 2009

Five Minute Friday: Good things...again...

It's Friday, and one aspect of my life is still in big, giant suck mode, and it is threatening to consume me. I do not want to give in to that. So! Instead, I thought I'd resurrect Five Minute Friday, which I haven't done in eons. Today's topic will be: Good-things-to-think-about-in-order-to-try-and-stop-obsessing-about-that-which-I-have-no-control-over. 

Or maybe just Good Things would be a more manageable title? Here we go!

1. Regardless of how unbelievably hard or sad or unmanageable life seems at any given time, I know that God is God, and I always trust him to work things out according to his good purpose. He's never let me down.

2. Five days until Florida. YES!!!

3. It is raining like crazy today, but that just means it is not snowing and spring is here.

4. Tonight is a martial arts night, so I can go kick, punch and throw willing subjects to the ground.

5. My WIP list is at an all-time low...only six items! Awesome!

6. Only 20 days until Spring Fling and my trip to St. Louis for a long weekend of knitting goodness.

7. My grandson turns four next that little boy so very much. :)

8. I have three children I love more than life itself...they are always a blessing to me, no matter what is going on in their lives. (No one said parenting would be easy, right?)

9. I have a husband who is more loving and patient than I deserve and who probably should have been mentioned before #9 on this list.

10. There are seemingly a bazillion day lilies springing up green leaves in my flower bed...can't wait to see how many blooms I get this year.

11. I'm almost 30 pounds lighter than I was last year at this time, and I feel so good!

12. I'm learning to spin beautiful yarn, and it makes me so happy to do so.

13. I have friends who I know I can always count on...another immeasurable blessing.

14. No matter what else, there is always hope.

See? I feel better for doing that!

I hope you all have some good things going on in your Friday. :)

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