Friday, January 25, 2008

Five Minute Friday: Things that Stress Me Out

Ok, so this isn't a particularly uplifting or edifying topic this week, but you know what? It is Friday at the end of a loooong week. It is COLD. I am PMSing big time. So, here goes....

Things that stress me out:

1. Technology that refuses to work correctly.
2. Not being able to find things that I KNOW are around here somewhere.
3. Being so disorganized.
4. My house perpetually looking like a cyclone just wandered through.
(Seeing a pattern here? What is UP with this?)
5. Not having enough "me" time to recharge my l'il ol' introvert batteries.
6. When I don't prepare the kids' school lessons in advance and having to wing it.
7. Knitting snafus.
8. When Kevin and I don't get to spend time with each other to reconnect.
9. Indecisive people.
10. A too long to-do list.
11. When I realize I've done something incredibly stupid.
12. Anything having to do with finances.
13. My church.
14. Or my response to my church.
(Either way, not a healthy thing.)
14. Setting unreasonable expectations for myself.
15. The unfortunate results of my own procrastination.
16. Finding new cobwebs on my ceiling every time I turn around. (Seriously...WHERE are the spiders that are making these things??)
17. Ignoring what my body is telling me.'s enough.

Honestly, I really try not to stress out about many things. Most things aren't really worth stressing over. It's not a productive reaction. And all of these things are not constant issues for me...they just creep up occasionally. But seriously, some times? Stress just happens. And during weeks like this one has been, when I've experienced several of the above-mentioned items, added to the hormonal-ness going on inside of me...well, yikes. Makes those Pomtinis sound really, really good. ;)

And don't think that I don't realize that many of these stressors are completely within my control to decrease or eliminate. I know that. And I'm working on them. I'm just...trying not to stress out over them. :::sigh:::

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