Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Woosh... the sound deadlines make as they go flying by. :}

Yeah. Not doing so well with the deadlines lately. My Socktoberfest socks, which I hoped to have finished by 11/30 to qualify for the prizes in the Socktoberfest group at Ravelry? Never finished. This is beginning to be a trend, as I didn't finish last year's pair on time either.

And NaNoWriMo? Never even made it to 10K words this year. In all honestly though, I hadn't been planning to do it at all and only joined at the last minute on a whim. I had no strong idea for my novel, and while I did manage about 7,000 words of an idea I've had for many years, there were so many directions I could have taken with it that I just sort of became paralyzed and stalled. Oh well. Another year, perhaps.

Thankfully, both of these things were voluntary. No huge ramifications for not meeting them. Frankly, the deadlines I've got right now for things are largely voluntary as well. I've got some Christmas knitting on the needles, which would be really good to finish by, say, Christmas. But if I don't? It's not like I can't find something else to give these people. My other current deadline things are all normal stuff -- paying bills, household stuff, etc. They'll get done.

Right now, I'm in re-entry mode. After driving my son and his son back home to NC on Sunday, and then spending an extra day down there to avoid driving 10+ hours home in the rain yesterday, I made the trek back north today. I listened to about a dozen Will Write for Wine podcasts that were backlogged on my iPod (most of which were very old, seeing as the weekly WWFW podcasts had ended over a year ago and only started up again two months ago, on a monthly basis). They made the trip go by quickly. (Listening to these podcasts has me in a want-to-write mood now, which is ironic considering my dismal NaNo performance last month.)

Anyway, it is good to be home, and the house is still remarkably neat and tidy (see, it paid to do all that pre-holiday cleaning I did last week!), which is always nice to come back to. I'm really tired now, though, so I think it will be an early bed time. Work on any deadlines will have to wait until morning.

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