Friday, August 20, 2010

Random things I've learned this week...

...ordering four bags of Hershey's Cinnamon Chips from eBay in mid-August, which will be delivered via USPS and sit in one's mail box in 80 degree weather: not such a good idea. You end up with four bags of cinnamon chip goo.

...if you freeze the aforementioned bags of cinnamon chip goo, it will solidify and can then (hopefully) be rebroken into some chip-like form that will render them once again usable.

...13- and 14-year-old girls are not the best at coordinating plans, thus resulting in parents needing to drive to multiple locations before ending up at the correct place. Grr.

...the remaining rooms in my house that need to be painted will not paint themselves, no matter how hard I hope for that to happen.

...likewise, no matter how much I envision the exact fabric I want to use to make my bedroom valances, I will not be able to find it or anything remotely similar, and I will be very, very frustrated.

...Joel Osteen may be a great guy, but something about him kinda skeeves me out.

...Vampires Suck was a hilarious movie, if not a little weird.

...laundry works so much better when you remember to put the detergent in. Trust me.

...because my desktop is completely disconnected due to house projects, editing photos is, of course, what I want to work on the most right now...because I can't. Sigh. matter how old I get, I continue to have to make the conscious choice to not make really bad decisions sometimes.

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